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Sample Technology Activities

Below is an example of a Word Cloud.  Students were required to Brainstorm

Key Vocabulary Words that related to our study of Rocks/Minerals!


We also used an online application called "" to generate a

Jeopardy-like game experience based on a bar graph the class

created. The graph shows how  many students were born in a particular month with

a certain gemstone attributed to them.


Ms. Claxton - Technology Integration Specialist (Computer Lab.)

JSerra Tech Tales

Year 2017 welcomed the introduction of Bluebots and Beebots in the classrooms.  The use of these cute robots reinforced the use of algorithmic thinking skills (i.e. step by step processing) by creating a program to be run by the students themselves.  As the website states, "This colorful, easy-to-operate, and friendly little robot is a perfect tool for teaching sequencing, estimation, problem-solving, and just having fun!" They dovetailed nicely with our Hour of Code activities on the computer in the lab!  We want to train the young minds of JSerra students to be the next inventors of the future! 


Mrs. Mason's 1st grade class worked in cooperative groups to program the Blue Bots!  Click HERE to see the pictures!

Past learning experiences involved being able to connect with a 4th grade class at Colegio Bilingue de San Augustin in Costa Rica via Skype! Our 4th grade Spanish Pathways class introduced themselves using Padlet, which provided a shared screen that the students in Costa Rica could access and share information.  Both classes are improving their English speaking and writing skills!  This connection motivated the students on both sides; how amazing to see kids like themselves in another country learning similar content.  This connection created a springboard for writing, speaking and research.  JSerra students collaborated to create slideshows about the U.S., California, San Francisco and their school neighborhood.  We used HaikuDeck, an online application that allowed them to share them on Padlet!  Our students learned a lot about Costa Rica from the students and from online research as well!  As a computer teacher, it was great to expose the students to different forms of technology and how they can be used to learn and communicate!
















Another fortunate experience was when my advanced ELD class took a field trip to the Apple Store!  They used iPads and collaborated on a project related to the study of Rocks and Minerals!  It was a great culminating activity.  The Apple store no longer offers this field trip, but now that we have school iPads, we can continue to create wonderful projects that emphasize collaboration and project-based learning!


The Hour of Code JSerra Experience!

Animoto Videos Related to Weather and the Water Cycle!

Students in my Advanced ELD class used the Animoto website to create short videos related to our studies of Weather and the Water Cycle.  They are embedded in their wiki web pages as well!  Enjoy!

Comics about Rocks and Minerals!

My 4th/5th Grade ELD class created comic with Facts related to our study of Rocks and Minerals.  We used the program MakeBeliefComix They were very creative!


Computer Lab Needs

These items would be very helpful during the school year.  Thank you in advance!

  • Tissues
  • Correct tape
  • Post-its
  • Bulletin Board Borders (Tech Themed)
  • Computer paper (8x11)

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Ms. Claxton



See what the J. Serra Students are learning through technology at ClaxFactor

Learning at Xoom: Our Tech Partner!